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Current Features:
EverTalk ~ Text-To-Speech
EverWarn ~ Audible Notification

Ever-Bot Screenshot (203 KB)
I know, it's a REALLY old screenshot.

NEW VERSION! 02/20/07:
- Added support for the new Fellowship chat messages.

- Fixed a couple chat spam related bugs.
- Fixed a couple Windows XP issues Ever-Bot had.
- Slimmed down the display, and removed some unneeded functions, since EverQuest has changed so much since Ever-Bot was made. The in-game map system is far better than what EverMaps offered.
- Happy Halloween!

- Fixed a recurring error box bug.

Updated just before a whole year passed (last update was 6/18/03).
- SOE moved the log files to their own subfolder under the main EQ folder, but left notes.txt in the main EQ folder. I fixed Ever-Bot so it can properly read notes.txt once again.
- Also put in a temporary fix for /tell windows and fixed the code for SYSTEMWIDE_MESSAGE's.
- The computer with the source code on it wore out, but the hard drives should still be fine. Just working on getting them in a computer and I'll see about making a truly updated version (current updates have been "fixed" with a hex editor).